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Network Cables & peripherals

We are a leading network cable and peripherals supplier and retailer - catering to world demand.

Our Range of UTP Copper Cables

High in quality & variable

The A&G range of copper cables and accessories

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Our Range of Fiber Cables

Built to the Highest Quality

Fast stable transfer of communication information.

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Complete Range of Telephone Cables

For every application

From indoor to ourdoor solutions A&G has a product for your requirements.

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A&G Network Cabinets

Safe & Secure Storange

Own brand Network Cabinets for every budget and requirement.

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Our Products

  • Copper Products

    The A & G Copper range encompasses Network and Telephone Cables with a variety of speciafications to suit your every need.

  • Fiber Products

    Our range of Fiber products encompasses indoor and outdoor usability with a array of core and any type of fiber optic products.

  • Cabinets and Accessories

    Our vast array of cabinet options provide you the ability to customise your networks based on specific requirements and variations.

  • Testers and Tools

    Our range of Testers & Tools keeps your business ahead with class leading testing equipment to ensure that your service is on point.

  • CCTV Cables

    CCTV cables for every needs - the A & G range of CCTV cables - perfect for any CCTV application.

  • Surge Protectors

    Our range of Surge protectors have been proven and tested to ensure that you keep your network systems safe from power fluctuations.